Connecting to global markets, enhance your market data management

The Brisken Market Data Hub is your solution for complete and comprehensive management of enterprise wide market data management. It covers the last mile between your market data providers – any provider, established or start-up, cloud or old-style – and your increasingly complex enterprise application landscape. Market data from every market across the globe, delivered through a single app, deployed tailor made to your needs, running on the SAP Cloud Platform infrastructure.


Simplify compliance

The hub’s scheduling functions and rules framework guarantee that market data is distributed at the right time and in the correct format consistently and across your global system landscape.
Utilize the in-memory functionality of the SAP Cloud Platform to monitor and report on any data discrepancies between external and internal data sources whilst logging constantly all activities on the platform.
Monitor in real time the integration processes and take advantage of the Market Data Hub’s authorization and security framework to ensure data is safe and accurate.

Increase speed to adjust to changing needs

Rapidly enhance your market data provisioning and access a broader universe of data with the Brisken Market Data Hub through auto-setup functionalities and maintenance workflows. Gain access to the Brisken cutting-edge technology and expert teams to swiftly move through prototyping and development to packaging and deployment so you concentrate on your business.

Capture, Analyze and Act on Data in Motion

Analyze market data as it becomes available. Report on data distributed in your system landscape or from your external sources. Unleash the analytical and reporting power of SAP HANA® to get real insight into what is happening in the markets.

Lower cost of ownership

Streamline your workflows and support, reduce infrastructure and headcount, all while getting constant data validation and monitoring capabilities.
Brisken Market Data Hub handles your entire market data needs. Brisken manages the platform, the feeds and connectivity, so you can focus on your business.

Market Data Cloud Services by Brisken

Data as a service

Market Data Hub is a single platform that provides reliable, simple access to the complete universe of market data from providers and content services. Take advantage of our preferential rates and subscribe to market data services from Brisken. Alternatively, maintain your existing services or sign up for your own account with any market data provider of your choice.

Connectivity as a service

The Market Data Hub manages the connectivity to all market data providers and content services. With out of the box connectivity to the major providers and services, the apps extensive configurability allows the inclusion of new providers and services with ease. The Brisken connectivity services, running on SAP Cloud Platform, take the operational risk out of your market data processes.

Rely on our managed connectivity services to securely integrate data from multiple providers to any application consuming market data in your enterprise landscape including amongst others SAP ECC®, SAP S/4 HANA®, SAP Cloud Apps®, Fiori® apps.

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Planning to move to S/4 HANA® - but not quite there yet?

Don’t stop your innovation because your business is not completely ready yet for the move to SAP S/4 HANA®. Deploy our market data hub in any landscape to integrate global market data into SAP ECC®, SAP S/4 HANA®, SAP® cloud apps, on premise and cloud applications, including also non-SAP solutions.


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