October 18, 2017
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October 18, 2017 brisken

Brisken was invited and participated last week in the SAP FSI Innovation Summit. The conference took place at SAP Leonardo Center in New York and Brisken was one of four invited FinTech startups.

Brisken presented their flagship solution the Market Data Hub (MDH), a Market Data Governance Platform, built entirely on HANA and the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) with a Fiori UX.

SAP Leonardo Centers is a global network of connected, physical locations, the centers are the go-to places for Digital Inspiration and Co-Innovation, while also being the delivery mechanism of SAP Leonardo Innovation Services.

The Market Data Hub is an extension to the Financial Services Data Platform (FSDP), SAP data and processing platform for banks and insurances, where customers can run all of their application and manage internal as well as external data on a single, SCP based platform. The MDH provides external market data for the SAP FSDP, such as exchange rate, interest rates, volatilities, etc. It allows the banking and insurance clients to connect their FSDP with external data sources, and manage the entire data acquisition and governance process.

Brisken had the opportunity to demo the solution and discuss its value proposition with SAP peers and customers alike. And the response was very positive. For Brisken this was an opportunity to validate certain business assumptions with potential clients and SAP.

So thank you to the SAP FSI Teams to invite us!


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